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Whether new or remanufactured, Ultima and Ultima Select brand alternators and starters are 100% factory tested to ensure years of reliability, even under the most extreme operating conditions. The highest quality materials and the most technologically advanced processes are used to ensure premium performance. Find Ultima and Ultima Select parts for your vehicle, exclusively at O’Reilly Auto Parts.

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100% new Ultima Select alternators are engineered to overcome OEM weaknesses and manufactured in a QS9000 certified manufacturing facility. Every Ultima alternator is constructed using OEM testing and durability specifications.
  • High performance copper windings generate optimal power
  • Industry-leading electronics eliminate common failures
  • Rectifiers, stators and rotors all electronically tested
  • OE quality high temp insulators for long-lasting durability
  • Highest-rated automotive bearings
From the castings and rotating parts to the last nut and washer, every Ultima Select starter is 100% new. Ultima Select starters are engineered to overcome OEM weaknesses and offer an added measure of confidence in the toughest operating conditions.
  • Advanced magnetic design ensures the highest power and cranking
  • High-strength armature connections and improved electrical design
  • Rugged starter drive design utilizes high-strength springs and wear-resistant gears
  • Every component 100% new including housings and castings
  • High output solenoid with precision contacts

Advanced re-engineering, manufacturing and stringent testing processes assure that every Ultima alternator meets or exceeds the highest industry standards for reliability.
  • 100% machined/polished brush and brush contact surfaces
  • Rectifier/Diodes: 100% computer controlled tested
  • 100% new high-quality, high-temperature bearings
  • Copper windings are 100% electrically tested for shorts, grounds, and output capability
  • Regulators are 100% computer controlled tested
  • Rotors and stators tested and double insulated

Ultima Premium remanufactured starters are performance tested to meet industry standards for OE quality. Ultima starters offer maximum performance in the most challenging environments and a long, dependable service life.
  • Armatures and commutators 100% precision machined and electronically tested
  • 100% new copper and bronze-sintered support bushings
  • Precision machined drive gears
  • OE quality, high temperature insulators
  • 100% new contacts, terminal hardware and solenoid caps
  • Forge tested starter drive clutch assemblies

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