The Earth deserves a new standard in lubricants. With a 40-year history of processing white oils, Clarion continues to redefine the leading edge of industry innovation.

Clarion is one of the industry's broadest lines of protective white oils; including Synthetic, Food Grade and Environmental formulations. The broad, proven range of Clarion Lubricants offers you clear choices when you:
  • Demand high-quality lubricants for your commercial or industrial application with combined economical and ecological benefits
  • Want to protect your facility from contamination, equipment failure and downtime
  • Think about the impact of hydrocarbons on our environment
  • Want a cleaner future for your community.

The Clarion team has learned how to optimize the chemistry that can now help reduce the environmental impacts of work, from pure white oils for food manufacturing to environmentally tuned lubes for marine operations - without sacrificing performance in any way. Clarion Lubricant performance in every specified regime is of maximum quality, because we focus on crystal-clear white mineral oil-based formulations, high-technology processing and rigorous testing. Clarion Synthetic, Food Grade, Environmental and Technical Grade products offer clear, safe, solutions that minimize impacts on our environment.
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