CARDONE Industries, Inc. is a leading automotive parts remanufacturer. The company is a fully-integrated, employee-involved organization.CARDONE Industries excels in quality functions, including state-of-the-art testing and inspection processes, employee involvement through quality circles and preventative action systems. CARDONE was the first national remanufacturer to receive ISO 9002 certification in June 1997 and has recently upgraded to ISO 9001 in June of 2000, a quality standard for engineering design and development. CARDONE also received QS-9000 certification in February 1998. The CARDONE Family is a 3-time winner of the Automotive Service Industries Remanufacturer of the year award.In January 2001, Cardone Industries became the first privately-held remanufacturer in the United States to achieve ISO 14001 certification. This environmental management system is a set of guidelines stating a company's devotion to environmental protection.
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