CAR-FRESHNER Corporation began in 1952 in Watertown, New York, USA. From the very start, their goal was to make high-quality air fresheners with pleasing and long-lasting fragrances at an economical price. The "Little Trees" air fresheners were born at the very beginning of CAR-FRESHNER's history and quickly became the most recognized and respected brand of air fresheners around the world. Today, the "Little Trees" are still their best-selling line of air fresheners and continue to be the most popular air fresheners in the world.Over the years, CAR-FRESHNER has also developed a vast range of other types of air fresheners, offering a wide array of aromas and utilizing many fragrancing technologies. Thus, they now can offer fragrances, designs and fragrance-delivery systems perfect for use in all conceivable applications. And in developing this range of products, as they have always been, they are guided by their founding principles of offering the best possible products and the best possible service to their customers at the best possible price.They invite you to explore the world of wonderful CAR-FRESHNER(R) products. They hope and trust that their products will delight you and that they will have the privilege of serving you often over many years to come...

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