Black Magic
From rims to roof you can polish and protect every inch of your ride with the premium lineup of auto detailing products from Black Magic car care. Black Magic stands behind our promise of creating "the shine that attracts" because every one of our products is rigorously tested by our team of Ph.D's at our Westhollow Technology center. From tire dressings and wheel cleaners to protectants and leather cleaners, Black Magic car care products are backed by a series of tests that prove the science behind the magic.

Every Carcissist knows that the road to the ultimate shine begins with Black Magic. Whether you've got five minutes or fifty, Black Magic car care has a variety of wheel cleaners, tire dressings and tire cleaners to meet a Carcissist's needs and suit their particular tastes.

The Carcississt Mantra: I'm a Carcissist and that's a good thing because my car is not only a reflection of who I am but what I am. I'm a Carcissist and I'm not alone. There are millions of us out there in the driveway on any given Saturday bringing out the showroom shine in our cars, trucks, vans and bikes. Come with us. Because when our cars shine. We Shine.
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