After 49 years, Actron is still focused on its strong commitment to its core mission: To provide superior automotive diagnostic equipment solutions to its customers. To make products that are easier to use and at a better price for end-users. That credo has governed Actron since its founding in 1964.
Technological advances have been at the heart of Actron since its beginnings. Thomas F. Slater, the company's chairman and chief executive officer, is a veteran of more than a quarter century in the automotive aftermarket business. Slater has led the way as Actron has built itself into one of the nation's largest suppliers of automotive test equipment and instruments.
Since the 1980's, Actron has used acquisitions to advance its market position with significant additions: In 1986, Actron acquired the KAL Equip Company, a maker of professional automotive diagnostic equipment. And in 1988, Actron licensed the rights to the Sunpro tachometer and gauge business from Sun Electric/Snap-On.
Meanwhile the company was years ahead of all other industry players with the implementation of its "right-sourcing" manufacturing strategy and the establishment of a factory in Yantai, China, in 1989.
Throughout its history, Actron has continued to lead the industry with important product introductions. In the early 1970's, Actron was the first company to pioneer HEI testing equipment, an important step in the DIY market. In 1991 Actron introduced the first retail market code reader. In 1996 they introduced the first consumer scan tool, followed in 1998 by the first consumer OBD II code reader. Actron's OBD II AutoScanner code reader was introduced in 2002. The company launched Faze branded tachs and gauges in 2002. Actron launched the SUPER AutoScanner scan tool. And Actron's OBD II AutoScanner CP9135 is the most purchased code reader in the market, with over 1 million units sold, the OBD II AutoScanner is the most requested scanner.
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