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Alternators and Starters


The role of a starter is to use a charge from the battery to engage the flywheel to rotate the engine so it will start. (the starter does not literally start the vehicle, but rotates the engine- internal combustion needs spark, air and fuel).



The role of an alternator is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The alternator supplies current for the vehicle's electrical loads and replenishes battery voltage used by the starting motor during cranking. The alternator is a part of a larger system comprised of the battery, starter, interconnecting wiring, electrical and mechanical switches.



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Warranty Information


We offer a lifetime warranty* on our Ultima Starters and Ultima Alternators and a one year warranty on our Bestest Starters and Bestest Alternators. Warranty begins on the date of purchase and expires at the end of the warranty period stated on the receipt.

Should these starters fail during a free replacement period, O'Reilly Auto Parts will replace it at no cost to the original purchaser.

*limited to the original owner.



Some products have a core charge associated with them. A core is some portion of a part that can be recycled or reused by the manufacturer. For this reason a product with a core has an additional charge associated with it.

If the old part is returned in reusable condition (either to one of our stores or shipped back to our online store), the core charge will be credited back to the card used to purchase the part. Please note: It is the customer's responsibility to pay any shipping cost associated with shipping a core back to the O'Reilly Online Store. There is no shipping charge if you take the old part back to one of our stores.

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OES Standards - Any weaknesses found in the OEM unit are corrected and included in the OES unit to provide lasting performance and durability.

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Battery Cables — When replacing your starter it is also important to check your battery cables for wear and corrosion.

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Fan Belts — When replacing your alternator it is also important to check your fan belt for wear. Chances are, if you have to replace your alternator, it's time to replace your fan belt too.

Dielectric Grease — In colder climates dielectric grease may be applied to the alternator as a moisture barrier to help prevent corrosion.

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