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Blue Magic

A line of professional quality chemical products for the automotive market since 1967. Blue Magic offers only the top quality products in a variety of categories. Blue Magic Metal Polish

Judged by consumer tests and customers as the best metal polish manufactured anywhere. Can be used on --- chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, sterling silver, gold --- even plastic and fiberglass. Completely safe - non-abrasive. Available in a wide variety of sizes and containers. Invisible Glove (Protek)

Protective hand coating: no need for gloves, no need for hand cleaners. Protects hands (and all skin) from oil, grease, paint, etc. Prevents harsh chemicals from being absorbed into your skin. Not greasy. Actually improves grip on tools. Easy to clean up. Just soap and water. Blue Magic Appearance

A variety of appearance and maintenance products that help your vehicle look better while you own it and worth more when you sell it. Including - wax and polish, leather care, wheel and tire, carpet and fabric, convertibles, all around maintenance.TR-3 Resin Glaze

World's largest selling resin glaze for all paint finishes. Long lasting deep resin shine. Easy to apply. Restores faded and oxidized finishes. Cleans, shines, and seals.

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Blue Magic - Metal Polish Cream

Line: BLM | Part # 40012

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Blue Magic - Metal Polish

Line: BLM | Part # 500-6

  • Metal Polish Cream Jar
  • 19.38 Oz.
  • Volume (Oz): 19.38 Ounce

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Blue Magic - Wheel/Tire Cleaner

Line: BLM | Part # 685-06

  • Supreme Tire Shine 23 Oz. Trigger Spray
  • Volume (Oz): 23 Ounce

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Blue Magic - Wheel/Tire Cleaner

Line: BLM | Part # 690-06

  • Supreme Tire Shine 8 Oz. Wipe-On
  • Volume (Oz): 8 Ounce

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Blue Magic - Wheel Cleaner

Line: BLM | Part # 778-06

  • Super Strength
  • Safe For All Wheels
  • 32 Oz. Trigger Spray
  • Volume (Oz): 32 Ounce

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