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Globe Specialty Company is the maker of the innovative GLO-BRITE® vehicle lighting and electrical products. They manufacture top-of-the-line components, including original equipment type lamps and lenses for light duty trucks, pickups, vans and sport utility vehicles, as well as for RV's, commercial and heavy duty vehicles The manufacturing process of GLO-BRITE® products in their 125,000 square feet of facilities begins with top quality engineering. Their molds are designed to exacting specifications so that parts meet or exceed applicable state and federal standards. They select only high quality materials to make GLO-BRITE® products. Automated conveying insures quality. Globe's state of the art microprocessor controlled molding machines assure efficient and consistent processing of materials. GLO-BRITE® 's vented barrel and closed loop processing results in increased repeatability and part integrity. At GLO-BRITE® they're using state of the art lamp assembly techniques including vibration welding to bond components together with an unbreakable seal without the use of adhesives or solvents. They also use ultrasonic welding which employs high frequency sound waves to permanently bond components together. GLO-BRITE® is a major manufacturer of inline fuse holders. Their automated fuse holder assembly machines economically produce thousands of quality fuse holders every day.

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