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Since 1909 Permatex products have been used in workshops, garages and at racetracks around the world. Permatex continues to thrive and expand with exciting new and innovative products. Many of the Permatex products have been market leaders for years, and the only products trusted by many for generations.Innovation through reasearch and development is a Permatex hallmark. The Permatex market leading brands include The Right Stuff Gasketing, Fast Orange handcleaners, Spray Nine cleaners and disinfectants, PermaPoxy epoxies and Dr. Bond super glues. Permatex can handle all you job needs from top selling gasketing and threadlockers to various general maintenance needs.

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Permatex - Mirror Adhesive

Line: PER | Part # 81840

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Permatex - Rear View Mirror Adhesive

Line: PER | Part # 81844

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