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Rislone Engine Treatment still provides penetrating lubrication and contains a proprietary additive package to remove sludge and prevent harmful engine deposits from forming. Additionally, wear protection and improved engine cleanliness can be expected. The inclusion of SJ additive package helps ensure compatibility with manufactures new vehicle warranty.

Rislone is fully compatible with all petroleum-based and synthetic motor oils. Our product line includes Rislone Ring Seal, Rislone Premium Quality 2-Cycle Engine Oil, Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal, and our newest product is the Rislone Fuel Injection Cleaner a fuel additive that is specially designed to lubricate the upper cylinder of an engine and offers full time lubrication of your fuel system that reduces friction, wear and excess heat.

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Rislone - Gas Fuel System Treatment

Line: RIS | Part # 4700

  • manufacturer's defect warranty
  • Valve & Combustion Chamber Cleaner
  • Phase Separation & Fuel Stabilizer
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricant
  • Fuel Pump & Injector Cleaner
  • Dry Gas Water Remover
  • Octane Booster & Gas Treatment
  • 16.9 Fl Oz.
  • Volume (Oz): 16.9 Ounce

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Rislone - Diesel Fuel System Treatment

Line: RIS | Part # 4740

  • manufacturer's defect warranty
  • 16.9 ounce
  • ULSD sulfur substitute lubricity additive
  • Cetane booster and diesel treatment
  • Fuel stabilizer and conditioner
  • Anti-gel cold flow improver
  • UCL pump and injector lubricant

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