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CD2 Chemicals

CD-2, a product of Turtle Wax, offers 3 exceptional performance products. CD-2 Premium Stop Leak is guaranteed to stop oil leaks. CD-2 Oil Detergent replenishes detergents in your motor oil and cleans ALL internal engine parts preventing rust and corrosion. CD-2 Oil Treatment offers increased viscosity and friction modifers for maximum engine protection. This treatment also stops oil burning and exhaust smoke.

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CD2 Chemicals - Engine Oil Stop Leak

Line: TUR | Part # 4105

  • all sales final on product - no warranty given and no refunds allowed
  • Premium Hi-Tech Formula
  • Heavy Duty Sealer
  • Add To Your Engine Oil
  • 15 Oz. Bottle
  • Volume (Oz): 15 Ounce
  • Close out item. Price subject to quantity on hand.
  • Not eligible for free shipping
  • Cannot be combined with other sale discounts or coupon offers
  • No Back Orders or Rain Checks.
  • Sold as is.
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