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Into Great Brands, Inc., (IGB) the parent company of Dura Lube and MotorKote performance chemical products was formed in 2005 as a consumer products management company.

MotorKote Products were launched in 1992 and were instantly adopted by the Long Haul Trucking community because of the unique ability of the products to reduce heat and friction in multiple applications including engines, transmissions and differentials. Today MotorKote products are being used by not only the Long Haul Tucker, but also by a wide variety of vehicle owners throughout the world. The flagship product, MotorKote Hyper Lubricant, not only reduces heat and friction, but can be used in multiple applications in vehicles including Big Rigs, Automobiles, Trucks, SUV's, Motorcycles, Farm Equipment and Lawn & Garden applications.

Into Great Brands, Inc. purchased MotorKote in 2003, and has managed tremendous worldwide growth of the MotorKote brand. MotorKote has added a selection of premium Fuel Products to its lineup.

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MotorKote - Engine Oil Additive

Line: DLB | Part # MK-ET55G01

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