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PowerTorque Remanufactured - Engine

Line: PTQ | Part # DCT8

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PowerTorque Remanufactured - Engine

Line: PTQ | Part # DCT8
  • UPC: 653517077579
  • CHEV 5.3 V8 99-07 ENGINE
  • New Or Remanufactured: Remanufactured

Detailed Description

Your remanufactured engine is tested in several specific ways after being assembled; Multiple Pressure tests. Each component is carefully checked after being cleaned to see if cracks or other defects exist in the casting. After being assembled, we pressurize the water jacket with 30lbs. of air pressure. As a result of these tests, you can be sure your unit will not have coolant leaks. SIM test, After pressure testing, our final check of engine performance is a spin test. We turn the engine at 400 RPM with oil pressure lines attached. The test measures compression on each cylinder, oil pressure, oil flow and allows an easy visual check that oil is reaching all critical areas. This test also allows the rear main seal to be checked for leaks. We produce most engines as long block assemblies that ship with a finishing gasket set and a new oil pump. We also produce many of the most popular engines as dressed alternatives. These engines save installer's time and money as they come complete with oil pan and/or front cover and in some cases valve covers already installed.

Additional Details

  • Engine Size (L): 5.3 Liter
  • Head Type: OHV
  • VIN: T
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Number Of Cylinders: 8
  • Number Of Valves: 16
  • Type: Long Block

Brand Information

There are over 150 processes involved in remanufacturing each POWERTORQUE engine.

Featured procedures include:

  • Engine blocks magnafluxed, bored, precision-honed & mains line-honed
  • Camshaft bearings line-bored for accurate center-to-center clearance
  • Engine blocks & cylinder heads precision surfaced
  • Cylinder heads magnafluxed or dye checked & machined for three-angle valve seats
  • Crankshafts stress-relieved, precision ground & micro-polished for optimum surface finish
  • Camshafts precision ground or replaced with new to maintain OE specifications
  • Each engine tested for compression, oil pressure, oil leaks, engine noise & general operating condition before shipment.
  • Pistons & connecting rod assemblies balanced in sets to ensure proper performance
  • Piston rings, wrist pins and wrist pin bushings replaced with new oil pump or oil pump kit supplied with each engine
  • Premium Installation gasket set supplied with each engine
  • Only brand name internal components assembled in each engine
  • All Bearings are replaced with new
  • Timing belts, chains and gears replaced with new
  • All rubber products are OE quality (i.e. main seals, valve stem seals, cam seals)
  • Industry best warranty
  • Extensive coverage on Domestic, Japanese, European, Diesel, Marine, and Industrial Engines
  • Manufacturing facilities are ISO 14000 & ISO 9001 certified

Manufacturer Information

Our mission at PowerTorque is to design, manufacture, and sell the highest quality engine and powertrain components in the automotive aftermarket. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. PowerTorque products are used with confidence by Professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

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