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PowerTorque - Cylinder Head

Line: PTQ | Part # 2521

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PowerTorque - Cylinder Head

Line: PTQ | Part # 2521
  • UPC: 653517020728
  • HONDA D16A6 88-91 CYL HD

Detailed Description

Remanufactured Cylinder Heads are completely rebuilt & include new valve stem seals, soft plugs & verified camshafts. All threads are checked and repaired if necessary. Cylinder Heads are packaged in heavy plastic to protect the unit.

Additional Details

  • Displacement (l): 1.6 Liter
  • Factory Code: D16A6
  • Head Type: SOHC
  • Location: Single
  • Number Of Cylinders: 4
  • Number Of Valves: 16
  • OEM Make: Honda
  • Type: In-Line

Brand Information

PowerTorque Cylinder Heads offer Superior Quality, Warranties & Pricing!

  • PowerTorque offers cylinder heads for domestic, foreign & industrial vehicles, either gasoline, CNG, LPG or diesel
  • PowerTorque Cylinder Heads are pressure tested, magnafluxed (or dye checked) and machined for three-angle valve seats
  • All valve guides are replaced, not knurled
  • All valve seats have three angles which fits all standard components
  • All valve springs are tested
  • All machining processes and parts used are kept to exact tolerances to meet or exceed OEM clearance specification
  • SOHC and DOHC Heads come with cam or cam rockers & lifters where applicable
  • Over 30 Years of Head Remanufacturing Experience
  • Manufacturing Facilities are ISO 14000 & ISO 9001 quality control.
  • Industry best shipping container to reduce damage & provide returnable packaging

Manufacturer Information

Our mission at PowerTorque is to design, manufacture, and sell the highest quality engine and powertrain components in the automotive aftermarket. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. PowerTorque products are used with confidence by Professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Saved Vehicles

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1991 Honda CRX SI L4 - 1.6L 97ci 1590cc type D16A6 - MFI GAS SOHC