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104+ Octane Boost - Fuel Additive

Line: OCT | Part # 10414

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104+ Octane Boost - Fuel Additive

Line: OCT | Part # 10414
  • Imports Performance Boost
  • 16 Fl Oz.

Detailed Description

104 + improves acceleration, cleans complete fuel system, restores engine horsepower, reduces knocks, pings and stalling, boosts horsepower, improves gas mileage. Treats 20 gallons

Brand Information

Want optimal performance out of your high performance engine? Look no further then 104+ Octane Boost. 104+ Octane Boost provides the performance and protection you need to keep your collector car, muscle car or other high performance vehicles running like new. Both the 104+ Octane Boost and the 104+ MAXIMUM Octane Boost products contain 5 unique ingredients that in addition to boosting octane, also clean and lubricate both the Complete Fuel System and the Complete Combustion System, which helps improve horsepower, acceleration, and increase your vehicle's gas mileage. Reduces Knocks, Pings and hesitation and is safe for Catalytic Converters and Oxygen Sensors. Both products are safe to use in every tankful, for optimal performance, or whenever performance feels sluggish.

Manufacturer Information

104+ Octane Boost was America's first Octane Boost, created in 1975. 30+ years later with a unique combination of performance enhancing additives, 104+ is still the best Octane Boost you can buy!

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