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Lubegard - Power Steering Fluid

Line: LBG | Part # 20902

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Lubegard - Power Steering Fluid

Line: LBG | Part # 20902
  • Universal
  • With Synthetic LXE® Technology
  • 1 Quart
  • Volume (Oz): 32 Ounce
  • Volume (Pt): 2 Pint
  • Volume (Gal): 0.250 Gallon
  • Volume (l): 0.946 Liter

Detailed Description

LUBEGARD Universal Power Steering Fluid is a premium formulation, compatible with ALL power and power-assisted steering units, including Honda applications.Power steering fluids are hydraulic fluids that are intermittently pressurized by a high shear, high friction pump and used in a high shear turbine motor to aid in turning a car's steering wheel. Since the fluid is subjected to hard, long-term use without regular changing intervals, it is critically important to provide extra anti-wear, anti-friction and anti-corrosion components as well as oxidation stability and a high flash point for fire protection. Power steering fluid is NOT interchangeable with automatic transmission fluid (ATF) because ATF does not have the anti-wear protection or shear stability needed to protect the power steering pump.LUBEGARD Universal Power Steering Fluid is specifically formulated for power steering systems and is useful in hot and cold weather environments. Top quality base oils plus a full complement of performance additives provide excellent viscosity characteristics, shear stability, rust and corrosion protection, seal integrity, and detergency; while the patented LXE (liquid wax ester) derivatives provide the extra friction and wear protection, oxidation stability, and heat rejection. The flash point of LUBEGARD is equal to that of motor oils (above 475 degrees Fahrenheit) and higher than that of ATF fluids.Extends life of steering system / Eliminates power steering noises and whines / Eliminates rack & pinion steering stiffness / Efficient in hot and cold weather / Cleans and frees sticky turbines and pumps / Provides excellent rust and corrosion protection / Inhibits fluid foaming and oxidation / Safe for seals and hoses

Additional Details

  • Maximum Temperature (Deg F): 475 Degree
  • Universal: Yes
  • Volume (Qt): 1 Quart

Manufacturer Information

Since 1984, International Lubricants Inc. (ILI) has been a world leader in the research, development, marketing and sales of patented high performing lubricants and related products for the Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Agricultural Industries. Unique patented chemicals are also used in the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries. ILI, in collaboration with the US Departments of Defense and Agriculture, have spent millions of dollars in research, resulting in over 100 US and Foreign patents. ILI welcomes you to its website and looks forward to providing you with the best performing products available in the market today.

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