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National - Bearing

Line: BCA | Part # RA322

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National - Bearing

Line: BCA | Part # RA322

Detailed Description

National from Federal-Mogul has been a trusted brand of replacement parts for more than 60 years. Our seals feature our proprietary RediCoat sealant, designed to provide a proper seal in spite of minor bore imperfections. National offers a variety of sealing designs that match virtually any original equipment or aftermarket application, with a selection of premium sealing compounds to provide solutions for the most demanding applications.

V-Seals(TM) are a simple & versatile elastomeric "face-type" seal produced in Nitrile or Vitron. The elasticity of this seal design eases installation, permits a broader range of shaft sizes & allows them to be used on eccentric and misaligned shafts.

Wear Sleeves are precision components that press-fit onto a shaft, which may deter damage to shafts & spindles. These are designed for ambient-temperature assembly and are available in various sizes & finishes. They provide a protective seal running surface & reduce the need for complex and expensive shaft matching, repair, or replacement.

Redi-Seals are thoroughly tested, approved, and available in just the right quantity. National offers various types of Redi-Seals that are custom made to fit your design, size, application, material, and special feature specifications.

O-Ring Seal Kits are made from a high-quality Nitrile rubber or a high-temperature fluoroelastomer. These seal kits are available in inch and metric sizes.

The National Oil Bath Seal line provides complete coverage for all medium- and heavy-duty wheel end replacement applications and sets the standard for the industry.

Federal-Mogul also has pioneered the design and use of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) oil seals for commercial-vehicle wheel end applications. The company's patented lay-down sealing lip design ensures long life in spite of extreme temperatures, shaft imperfections, shaft / bore misalignment and excessive shaft thrust or movement.

Manufacturer Information

National bearings & seals deliver unsurpassed performance and reliability in every demanding application - from automotive and heavy-duty axles, to agricultural and industrial equipment. Each National Bearing is the product of innovative ideas, superior materials and world-class manufacturing standards.

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