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zMAX begins as a pure lubricant. Their proprietary reformulation process alters the molecular structure, creating molecules that are smaller than those of conventional motor oils. zMAX Micro-lubricant® molecules use the fluids in your vehicle as a carrier to reach the internal parts of your engine where "It Soaks Into Metal". Once it saturates the metal in your engine, zMAX disperses carbon and other harmful deposits protecting your engine from the inside out. zMAX has the unique ability to soak into metal and reduce engine deposits. This product may be used as a fuel additive both for gasoline and diesel fuels.

  • Increased gas mileage (helps maintain gas mileage in newer cars, and helps improve or restore gas mileage in older cars, by virtue of reducing engine deposits)
  • Improved performance
  • Extended engine life
  • Reduced emissions (helps maintain emissions in newer cars, and reduce emissions in older cars, by virtue of reducing engine deposits)

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