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The Original California Car Duster

The Original California Car Duster revolutionized the way cars are detailed when first introduced in the late 80's. First shown and tested in the car show arena the soft fibers of the dusters are treated with a permanently baked in paraffin wax treatment which literally picks dust up off the surface of the car and holds it in the duster. Available in a variety of sizes, the dusters last for years. More recently the method of drying cars after washing was added to the product line. The Original California water blade and dry blade, manufactured in the usa by a unique molding process using 100% silicone, make drying quick and easy. The silicone's flexibility allows the blades to mold to the shape of the car and will not scratch the paint.

  • Don't just move dust...remove it!!!
  • California car dusters last for years and will not scratch the paint
  • The dirtier they get, the better they work and you can wash less often
  • The original california water blades and the original california dry blades make drying any vehicle after washing easier and takes less time
  • The patent pending v-blade drying edge and the flexibility of the 100% silicone construction add to the ease of use of the unique drying blades

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