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Enerpulse has developed the real breakthrough in automotive spark plug technology in over 120 years. Pulstar plugs use pulsed power technology to improve fuel economy, significantly reduce tailpipe emissions, and improve throttle response and increase torque plus horsepower. Pulsed power is a proven science used for many years in advanced technologies such as radar, particle accelerators, ultra strong magnetic fields, fusion research, electromagnetic pulses and high power pulsed lasers. Pulsed power technology employs a process known as energy compression to deliver a large amount of power over a short period of time by rapidly releasing stored accumulated energy. Pulstar plugs use energy compression to produce a large, powerful and fuel-sensitizing plasma field. Pulstar plugs feature a patented integrated capacitor that stores and compresses the energy delivered by the engine's ignition coil over a relatively long period of time (micro-seconds) and rapidly releases it in a matter of nano-seconds, increasing the amount of peak discharge power from 50 watts (typical of ultra-premium spark plugs) to over 5,000,000 watts. This initial burst of power produces a plasma field that sensitizes the fuel mixture - preparing it for instantaneous ignition upon spark creation. The fuel is immediately ignited by the ensuing spark and burns more completely because the fuel has been pre-sensitized by the initial, plasma-forming burst of energy. Pulstar's ability to burn more of the fuel faster increases peak cylinder pressure and improves engine performance. The result is higher engine torque, better throttle response, faster acceleration and/or more towing capacity; or, inversely, performing the same work with less fuel consumption (fuel economy). Bigger spark, more power, longer life.

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