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OPTIMA® Batteries represent the ultimate in performance and quality. With patented Spiralcell AGM Technology and unique six-pack design, OPTIMA® batteries offer advanced performance for strong, clean power that outperforms conventional batteries. In starting and deep-cycle applications, OPTIMA® provides longer life and withstands the extremes of car & truck enthusiast, fishing, off-road trucking and more. Battery technology continues to improve and it wasn't until the Spiralcell sealed battery was developed that technology truly took a large step forward. Originally developed to address common performance and safety issues with traditional batteries in critical heavy duty applications, the sealed "six pack" design quickly found success in mission critical applications like the US military. A few of these original batteries found their way into high performance professional race cars and high powered car audio systems with tremendous success. Recognizing that the technology had more potential, a deep cycle design was introduced with the addition of the YellowTop® and BlueTop® lines. Other models of OPTIMA® batteries soon followed to offer more sizes to the market. Today, a broad selection of OPTIMA® batteries are available worldwide for use in a range of cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and industrial applications.

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