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The year was 1954, Eisenhower was in the White House, Rock Around the Clock was headed for the top of the charts and Chevrolet's Corvette was new on the scene, sporting a six cylinder engine however, the widely acclaimed small block V-8 wouldn't appear until next year.

In Compton, California that same year Kraco Enterprises was founded. Their first products were "Snap-On" white walls which allowed the car enthusiast of the day to convert their black wall tires to the then more desirable white walls easily and economically.

As business expanded, they entered into the production of rubber, vinyl and soon thereafter, carpet floormats. By treating each new account and customer with the personal attention that has been fundamental to our success, Kraco Enterprises was growing.

The following years saw the development of new mat designs and applications. Marketing, merchandising and manufacturing methods were perfected, and they continued to grow.

Throughout the eighties and nineties, Team Kraco was actively involved in Indy car racing, winning the highly prestigious Indianapolis 500 in 1992.

During this time the importance of quality and durability were illustrated over and again, reaffirming their importance as primary components in every floormat produced.

With entrepreneurial spirit and vision Kraco has become one of the largest manufacturing operations in the automotive aftermarket. Their facility covers over 500,000 square feet, with over three million cubic feet of palletized top quality floormats ready to ship.

Their dedication to Quality, Product Innovation, Selection and Customer Marketing Support has been fundamental to their enduring success.


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