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Jam Strait

JAM STRAIT LED BULBS provide an extra measure of SAFETY that other bulbs cannot provide. For MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS, Jam Strait LED bulbs have ALL LEDs LIT whether they are in tail light mode or brake mode. No other LED bulbs can do this because Jam Strait has the PATENT for this UNIQUE FEATURE. Another safety feature is that our LED bulbs are QUICKER ON TIME which means safer advance notice of stopping-8 feet at 60mph. Jam Strait is well aware of today's harsh economic reality. Therefore, our products come in THREE PRICE RANGES to meet the needs, desires and affordability of the customers. Jam Strait HYPER-BRIGHT LED bulbs are more costly but are the brightest with 6,000mcd per LED. Next, are SUPER-BRIGHT LED bulbs that cost less than Hyper-Bright but are still very bright with 3,000mcd per LED. Thirdly, are our SUPER-VALUE LED bulbs that are still bright but are the most economical. Whichever price range fits your budget, you will be getting BETTER VALUE for your buck with Jam Strait LED bulbs. All of our bulbs are RELIABLE with 100,000 HOURS of usage, lasting longer than the average bulb. Though our bulbs may cost 3 times more, they LAST 20 TIMES LONGER! Jam Strait LED bulbs are COST EFFECTIVE, providing reduced maintenance, down time and replacements. They are VIBRATION RESISTANT. They are TOUGH! In rough conditions like off road recreation and work or on road in your pick-up or Harley, Jam Strait solid state LED bulbs KEEP WORKING YEAR AFTER YEAR! Whereas, under those same rough and tough conditions incandescent bulbs and cheap LED bulbs fail. GO GREEN with our LED bulbs that are MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT than incandescent bulbs. If you buy our bulbs which pull 120ma instead of a competitor's bulb that pulls 3.3 amps of current, you will be 96% MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT! You will be helping the ENVIRONMENT and SAVING GAS by using Jam Strait LED bulbs.

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