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The Rust Eater: This highly refined, naturally occurring ingredient literally eats rust. The Rust Eater also provides its own lubricating film, so it acts as its own delivery agent - and it doesn't evaporate, so it keeps going till the job is done.

Safer to Use: Harsh solvents found in other penetrating oils can destroy various plastics, so you have to be extra careful when using their products. Free All uses far less solvent - and a less caustic solvent - making it safer to use.

  • Safe on Paint
  • Body Shop Safe
  • Silicone-Free
  • Safe for Plastic Parts
  • Less Odor
Use Less Effort: Independent tests confirmed that, with Free All, rusty bolts required an average of 30 percent less torque to break free than with the next best penetrating oil.

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Free All - Penetrating Oil

Line: FAL | Part # RE12

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