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Coverking was founded in 1986. Since then, Coverking purchased various automotive companies, some of which dated back to 1974. Quality, Technology, and Service lead to our stellar Customer Satisfaction, are the basis of all product lines.

Coverking was founded in Southern California by an Industrial and Electrical Engineer who worked in Southern California's Aerospace Defense industry. The experience and knowledge acquired over decades of work on the most sophisticated defense weapons systems was applied to the relatively backward industry of cut-and-sew custom automotive accessories.

Advanced CAD/CAM systems which were designed for aerospace use were purchased for making Custom Dash Covers. Overkill, perhaps, but it brought the Dash Cover market (which was content with production times of 30 days) quite a jump in business when Coverking began supplying a custom, one-off product in 1 day. The accuracy and precision of the CAD and CAM systems lead to previously unattainable levels of pattern quality, and the automation created efficiencies which allowed Coverking to produce better fitting product, in a fraction of the time, for less money that the competitors of the day.

This same recipe was later applied to Custom Floor Mats, Custom Car Covers, Custom Seat Covers and Custom Sunshields. With each of these product lines, Coverking gained market share and raised the bar for the automotive aftermarket. Coverking continues to expand into markets where quality and efficiency are rewarded, while maintaining it's main manufacturing base in California, and it's commitment to our employees, suppliers and customers.


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