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Bulldog Security

Bulldog Security, a division of Access 2 Communications, Inc., offers a wide range of security systems, remote vehicle starters and keyless entry systems as well as many accessories to maximize the system you choose to install. Bulldog Security Alarms not only provide convenience and security for your vehicle, some models also provide personal security through our Talking Alarm products. Bulldog Security Remote Starters allow you to preset your system which will enable your vehicle to start when the interior reaches a given temperature. Never enter a freezing cold or blistering hot car again!

Bulldog Security also offers keyless entry systems that allows you to unlock and lock your vehicle from a distance when your hands are full you want to quickly get into your vehicle, or when you feel you are in a less than safe environment.

You can choose from their selection of Do-It-Yourself systems that are easy to install, or if you desire can contact InstallerNET and schedule an installation for a fee.


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