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Auto Brake Pads and Brake Rotor
Comparison of Old and New Brakes

Restore Original Brake Performance

When it comes to safety and peace of mind, the last thing you need to worry about is stopping power. Maintaining your brakes and brake hardware not only ensures your safety, but also helps you extend the life of your vehicle and avoid future, costly issues.


Common Signs that your Brakes need Replaced

  • Noise - Modern brake pads have a metal indicator that emits a high-pitched squeal when it's time to replace your brakes. If you hear a grinding noise it means you have completely worn your brakes down and your backing plates are grinding against the rotors. Be sure to get your brakes replaced immediately if this happens or you'll have to replace your rotors in addition to your brake pads.
  • Time - How many miles has it been since you last replaced your brake pads? Typically disk brake pads will last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles depending on many factors such as driving conditions and brake maintenance.
  • Drifting - While braking, if your vehicle feels like it wants to drift or pull to the left or right it could be a seized caliper or uneven wear against your brake pads. Have your braking system inspected if this happens.
  • Vibrating - If you feel a shudder or vibration in the brake pedal while braking, your car could have warped rotors. Warped rotors are usually caused by excessive heat. Replacing the rotors or having them machined (if thick enough) could be necessary.
  • Poor Performance - Brake pads can become 'crystalized' or hardened from excessive heat. When this happens the brake pads become ineffective and the distance it takes you to stop is dramatically increased.

Depending on the symptoms it could mean a replacement of your brake pads or it could mean larger problem with your car. As with any trouble shooting you do we highly recommend seeking the assistance of certified mechanic.

Looking to buy brakes? Check out our selection of BrakeBest brake pads to see which is right for your vehicle.

Normal Disc Brake Wear
Normal Wear Wear Pattern:

Even wear between inners and outers. Smooth wear surfaces on the friction material.


Normal Wear

Abnormal Disc Brake Wear
Tapered Wear Pattern Wear Pattern:

Tapered wear vertically or horizontally.

Problem Signaled:

Worn out caliper bushings and/or worn out caliper hardware.

One-Sided Wear Pattern Wear Pattern:

Only one side worn down in the pair.

Problem Signaled:

Caliper or caliper piston hanging up. Caliper slide not functioning correctly.

Grooved Wear Pattern Wear Pattern:

Grooves in the surface of the friction material

Problem Signaled:

Rotors should be turned or replaced

Cracked Wear Pattern Wear Pattern:

Cracked lining or chipped corners on friction material.

Problem Signaled:

Excessive heat build up. Caliper or caliper piston hanging up creating constant friction. Rear brakes ineffective causing front pads to do excessive braking.

Worn Wear Pattern Wear Pattern:

Lining worn completely, rivets exposed, rotors destroyed.

Problem Signaled:

Disc pads worn beyond safe and normal wear point.

Step In Wear Pattern Wear Pattern:

Step in lining.

Problem Signaled:

Pads not installed correctly. Pads not in full contact with the rotor. Replace guide pin/mounting bolt bushings and caliper hardware.

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Drive With Confidence

BrakeBest and BrakeBest Select products, available exclusively at O'Reilly Auto Parts, are manufactured to deliver superior stopping power and quiet, clean operation under all driving conditions.

No matter your driving conditions, BrakeBest has a product for superior safety and stopping power.

  • BrakeBest Brake Pads provide consistent long-lasting performance for most cars, light trucks, and SUVs.
  • BrakeBest Select Premium Brake Pads provide OE performance for all driving conditions.
  • BrakeBest Select Ceramic Brake Pads deliver quieter performance and low dust in all driving conditions.
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