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Get more mileage from your tax refund

Tax refunds provide the perfect opportunity to tune up your car. From routine maintenance to large scale repair jobs, O'Reilly Auto Parts has everything you need to get your car in mint condition.



  • Check your brake calipers, rotors, hardware and pads and replace as necessary
  • Consistent upkeep ensures vehicle safety
  • Prevents costly, long-term damage
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  • One of the easiest and least expensive maintenance items to replace
  • Impacts vehicle life, performance and gas mileage
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  • Check and fill fluids regularly, particularly during the winter months
  • Be sure to change your motor oil every 3,000 miles in order to keep your engine running smoothly
  • If it's been a few years, flush and replace your antifreeze
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Spark Plugs


  • Replacing spark plugs and wires is an easy way to improve performance and gas mileage
  • Replace the O2 sensor for a complete tune-up
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Windshield Wiper Blades


  • Manufacturers recommend replacing your wipers every 6 months
  • Change any faulty wiper hoses, pumps, nozzles, etc., for maximum visibility and safety
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Liftgate Supports

Liftgate Supports

  • Liftgate supports wear out over time and use, but replacing supports is fast, easy and hassle-free
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Car Accessories


  • Small fixes such as repairing foggy headlights, broken window motors and burned out taillights will return a "like new" feel to your car
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  • Worn chassis parts, such as ball joints, can be dangerous
  • Steering issues, rapid tire wear and road noise are all symptoms of faulty chassis parts
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Ride Control

Ride Control

  • Shocks and struts are essential to your car's peformance. Ride quality, braking distance and tire wear are all affected by worn-out shocks and struts
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  • Overheating can lead to severe engine damage
  • Keep your engine cool by checking hoses and coolant levels often
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  • Car batteries generally last about 3-4 years. Batteries in warmer climates have an even shorter lifespan (2-3 years)
  • You can bring any battery - auto, marine, or specialty - to your local O'Reilly Auto Parts store and we'll test it for free
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  • Replacing your old, worn-out motor with a 100% remanufactured engine will return "like new" performance to your vehicle
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  • Difficulty shifting, burning smells, grinding or shaking may indicate it's time for a new transmission
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