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Tax Returns

Tax refunds are the perfect excuse to tune up your car. You can finally get to all those little fixes that have been put off for so long. Whether your tax refund is big or small, here are some maintenance items sorted by estimated cost that will help you get more out of your refund at O’Reilly Auto Parts.


BRAKES: Keep your brake system efficient by checking brake fluid, calipers, rotors, hardware, and pads. Replacing worn out brake pads will not only return safety to your ride but can also prevent costly damage to other brake system components.

FILTERS: Replacing your air and fuel filters is one of the simplest and least expensive maintenance items you can do for your car. Filters impact the life and performance of your engine as well as gas mileage.

FLUIDS: Servicing your car’s fluids is more critical when the temperatures have been below freezing, you’ve been taking a lot of short trips or you sit in a lot of traffic. Maintaining your car’s fluids regularly will help prevent more costly repairs in the future.

PLUGS AND PLUG WIRES: Routine tune-ups keep your car running at top performance. Replacing spark plugs and wires is a simple, yet essential maintenance item that should not be disregarded. This repair can save you hundreds in fuel costs, help you avoid breakdowns and keep your ride from needing more expensive repairs down the road.

WIPERS: Depending on where you live, you’re probably having a fairly rough winter. Wipers are easy and inexpensive to replace. They should be swapped out about every 6 months, especially after a long winter, to keep you driving safely.

LIFTGATE STRUTS: Heavy snow, excessive use, cold weather and many other factors play in to the wearing out of liftgate struts.

ACCESSORY REPLACEMENT:  Repairing things that may have been put off is an easy way to ensure your car passes inspection and looks great. This can include broken or burned out tail lights, foggy headlights, broken door handles, muffler wear or window motors.


CHASSIS: Worn chassis parts can cause noticeable problems such as steering/handling problems, uneven or rapid tire wear and road noise.

RIDE CONTROL: Replacing worn shocks and struts will not only give you a smoother ride, they can also make your ride safer by improving steering, stopping and stability.

RADIATOR: Keeping your engine cool is important to prevent overheating which can lead to severe damage of your engine. Make sure to check hoses and coolant levels. If you notice external leaks or even overheating, service or replacement may be required.

BATTERY: A bad battery will cause difficulty starting your vehicle. If your battery is four or more years old, consider replacing it.


ENGINE: Replacing an engine is a much more affordable fix than having to purchase a new vehicle.

TRANSMISSION: A bad transmission or worn out clutch can leave you stranded. Difficulty shifting, burning smell, leaking fluid and grinding or shaking are a few signs of transmission trouble.

O’Reilly Auto Parts would be happy to recommend a quality Professional Service Facility to assist with any these or other maintenance jobs you may have.

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