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Fuel Additives - Worth It, Or Not?

All of us are trying to cut back a little during this economy. What if you could increase your gas mileage and life of your car in one simple step?

Fuel additives can help to increase your engine's efficiency, which will lower emissions and enable the fuel to burn properly. Not to mention, fuel additives are a great choice for preventative maintenance and extra precautions against fuel related problems.

A buildup of deposits can neglect the engine of its power. When this happens, you will notice a long start and hard idling. These problems can be resolved by adding a specially formulated fuel additive. Not only is using a fuel additive worth the investment, but it is easy to do.

Here are a few suggestions when using a fuel additive:
  • If you will be using a fuel additive frequently when getting gas, go for a low concentration additive.
  • If you are looking for an additive that can be used every few months, try using a higher concentrated product.
  • Using an additive with "octane" in the name can help to raise the octane level of your gasoline and increase your engine's performance.
  • When putting the additive in your gas tank, be sure to have a full tank of gasoline and use the entire bottle.

Fuel additives can be a great addition to your vehicle's maintenance program, but should not be used as a replacement to regular maintenance. Your car's motor can operate at top performance with the regular use of fuel additives. For your vehicle's regular maintence schedule, refer to your owner's manual.

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