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Brake System

Brake System

Did you know that the brake system on your vehicle does more today to help keep you safe than ever before? Brake systems of today play important roles in traction control and vehicle stability systems.


Signs and Symptoms

When it comes to safety and peace of mind, the last thing you need to worry about is stopping power. Maintaining your brakes and brake hardware not only ensures your safety, but also helps you extend the life of your vehicle and avoid future, costly issues...

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  • Noise: Modern brake pads have a metal indicator that emits a high-pitched squeal when it's time to replace your brakes. If you hear this squeal or a grinding noise it means you have worn your brakes down and your backing plates are grinding against the rotors. Get your brakes replaced immediately or you'll have to replace your rotors in addition to your brake pads.
  • Time: How many miles has it been since you last replaced your brake pads? Typically disc brake pads will last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles depending on many factors such as driving conditions and brake maintenance.
  • Drifting: While braking, does it feel like your vehicle wants to drift or pull to the left or right? It could be a seized caliper or uneven wear against your brake pads. Have your braking system inspected.
  • Vibrating: When you feel a shudder or vibration in the brake pedal, your car could have worn or warped rotors. Warped rotors are usually caused by excessive heat. Replacing the rotors or having them machined may be necessary.
  • Poor Performance: Brake pads can become 'crystallized' or hardened from excessive heat. Get your brakes checked immediately or you'll have to replace your rotors, calipers, and other braking system components in addition to your brake pads
Friction Materials

Friction Materials

Friction materials used to be made with organic materials. Then they were replaced by metallic pads in the 1980s. While metallic pads performed well, they were noisier and caused heavy black dusting. Next, ceramic pads came onto the scene, creating a quieter and cleaner braking system.



Not all rotors are created equally. There are a number of factors that lead to ease of installation, longer service life and overall system performance. Find out why our BrakeBest Select rotors are right for your vehicle.

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