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Hot Car? Get Maximum Cold Air with A/C Pro

Get Maximum Cold Air in 3 Easy Steps with A/C Pro Refrigerant

The weather is beginning to heat up in many parts of the country and unfortunately, it's an all too common occurrence for drivers to turn on their A/C and find that it's not cooling well. This problem can have a number of different causes, but in all likelihood the issue with your air conditioning is probably a result of low refrigerant.

It is possible that the system has a small leak, and now is low on refrigerant. This will allow the system to blow cold, but just not as cold as it used to. In this case check the low-side pressure and verify if the system is low on refrigerant. If it is low on refrigerant add refrigerant or a refrigerant with a stop leak to the correct pressure. If your pressure is correct adding additional refrigerant will not make the system blow out colder air, but will in fact cause the system become overcharged. This causes the system to work less efficiently and will result in warmer air blowing from the vents.

Low refrigerant levels are only one symptom of poor performance. Your local O’Reilly Auto Parts store has the parts and products for your automotive air conditioning needs, at guaranteed low prices. Plus, the professional parts people at your local store can recommend a professional shop in your area for your automotive needs, beyond a recharge.

With a safe leak sealer and anti-wear additives, A/C Pro refrigerant is an all-in-one solution to give you the coldest air in 3 easy steps.

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