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Sometimes, pressing the brake pedal is not enough to stop a vehicle, which is why technology like anti-lock brakes and brake override systems have become increasingly popular.

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Kyle Busch is not officially suspended anymore for his actions at the WinStar World Casino 350K at Texas Motor Speedway, but the driver may not be out of the woods yet, as the Associated Press reports that his sponsor may be calling for him to sit out at least one more race.

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Loud noises coming from underneath your vehicle can typically indicate a mechanical problem with the car, but sometimes the issue isn't all that involved.

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The ignition system can be one of the more mysterious parts of a vehicle.

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It is important to maintain a vehicle even if it isn't being driven, but if you have a car that has been ignored for a year or more, you may want to inspect a few things before you try to start it up and get it back on the road.

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