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Kelley Blue Book, one of the leading providers of new and used car information, recently released its annual Residual Analysis Report for 2013, recognizing Toyota with the top brand position for the second consecutive year.

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Chrysler announced this month that it is recalling more than 900,000 Jeep vehicles worldwide, 744,822 of which are located in the United States, for faulty airbags that could inadvertently deploy while the vehicle is in operation.

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More than 43.6 million motorists are expected to travel 50 miles or more from their homes during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, according to a recent AAA study.

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While Americans are expected to be driving to shopping locations in high numbers this upcoming holiday weekend for Black Friday deals, they need to make sure their car is not a target for criminals.

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During this time of the year, many motorists are forced to watch over their belongings that they leave in their cars while they're out shopping for the holiday season.

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