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The Top 10 Cheapest to Insure 2012 Model Year Trucks and SUVs list has recently been released by Motor Trend, reminding car owners of the various costs associated with owning a vehicle that go beyond the base price offered at new car dealers.

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AAA will be offering free vehicle inspections in New Jersey on select days as part of October being Car Care Month.

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Zipcar, one of the world's leading car sharing networks, recently added a number of schools to its popular university program this fall, giving students, staff and faculty a chance to drive its cars at discounted rates.

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The unemployment rate recently dipped in the latest Labor Department statistics and along with a slow housing recovery, both are indicating an improving economy. One sector, which appeared to be the weakest of them all, has turned a corner.

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Charlotte is preparing to host the upcoming Bank of America 500 and Walmarts in the area will hold events to promote the race and give fans a chance to meet their favorite drivers and purchase NASCAR merchandise.

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