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When driving down the expressway at speeds passing 65 miles per hour, motorists are always in danger of damage done to their vehicle, which can come in the form of something as minor as a small rock hitting the windshield.

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Kasey Kahne doesn't think he "stole" the race at the Lenox Industrial Tools 301, and he may be right. But at the very least, a healthy dose of luck played into Kahne's victory.

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Winning a NASCAR race isn't always about having the fastest car or making the best move when the time is right. Sometimes, it's just about avoiding the big crash.

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The smallest change to NASCAR rules can cause a radical difference in the way the action unfolds on the track, and this year fans have seen a proliferation of green flag racing.

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In the NASCAR point standings, Brad Keselowski is only 10th overall.

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