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Driving in the rain is dangerous and thousands of accidents every year are attributed to wet roads. It is important to consider the following tips before taking to the road in the rain.

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Even though the temperatures around the country might not reflect it, summer is slowly coming to an end. Auto experts recently recommended that drivers be prepared for the autumn and winter weather.

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With the summer heat finally subsiding, what better time is there than now to begin considering winterizing your car?

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August 23, 2012

Tips to extend a car's life

It used to be rare to see a car over the 100,000 mile mark, but nowadays, with more efficient engines and improved automotive maintenance, cars are lasting more than 10 years in many cases.

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Driving on the road can be an exhilarating experience up until the vehicle needs to have a repair done to correct a problem that will eventually lead to the car breaking down.

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