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Mechanics are often faced with the decision of whether or not to send their customers to car dealerships as a result of not having the tools and technology necessary to repair the vehicles that are brought to them on a regular basis for other repairs.

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Fewer Americans are going to school to become mechanics, which is resulting in less help for American auto owners who need the brakes, shocks and struts repaired on their cars.

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Automotive technology has completely changed the world we live in today. Cars are more fuel efficient, have GPS navigation systems installed and are now implementing more safety regulations to make sure the drivers aren't in more danger than they were a decade ago.

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The secret is now out. Matt Kenseth and Joe Gibbs Racing recently announced that the 2003 NASCAR champion will team up with the racing team to drive its Toyotas next year.

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September 04, 2012

Tips for back to school drivers

Back to school can be a hectic time for drivers, increasing the risk for accidents while on the road. It is important that drivers are extra cautious during this time, especially in residential areas and near schools.

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