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Subaru records 1 millionth Facebook fan

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Kelley Blue Book recently released sales projections for the end of the year, indicating a strong year in the automotive industry. According to KBB, new car sales are expected to reach a 15 million units per month pace in 2013.

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A recent study showed that a law in New Jersey, requiring novice drivers to indicate they are new behind the wheel by displaying a red decal on their license plate, is helping curb auto accidents and assisting police officers enfore regulations that are unique to new drivers.

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in partnership with State Farm, is distributing a new tool to help relieve the peer pressure involved with underage drinking.

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After Nissan celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Snug Kids Program last month during Child Passenger Safety Week, many parents should have heeded the automakers word to ensure their children's safety while driving.

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