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Tired of hearing that excruciating squeaking noise every time you come to a stop sign or red light? Brake Safety Awareness Month aims to be the answer to your problem.

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Every once in a while a car passes on the road that is unique from the others and turns a few more heads.

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Your car's brakes use a great deal of friction to bring the vehicle to a stop, and the brake pads are designed to act as a cushion to protect the calipers and rotors from this high-impact action.

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Looking for better ways to take care of you car? Since the beginning of the recession and auto industry collapse, many Americans have looked for more dependable and fuel efficient cars that would result in the least amount of repairs and the best fuel efficiency.

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When you're driving your car and you notice smoking coming from the car, it is best to stop as soon as possible and find the source.

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