, one of the leading resources for purchasing new and used vehicles, recently announced that it's launching a new app that will help attendees navigate auto shows without getting lost in the sea of new products and vehicles available for viewing.

The app will give users breaking news on new car introductions that will occur around the area that the auto show is being held and provide up-close photos and videos for the major 2012 and 2013 auto shows that are coming up.

Other features of the new app will include articles on the latest production and concept cars that will be unveiled at the auto show; search function by body style; and car manufacturer that is specific to each show and social sharing so users can share news, photos and videos through Twitter, Facebook and other social websites.

"Our new auto show app gives car shoppers instant breaking news on new car launches as well as photos and videos from this year's auto shows," said Patrick Olsen,'s editor-in-chief. "Instead of waiting to research what they've seen at the show once they get home, car shoppers can read expert insights while they walk the auto show floor, and make sure they don't miss any must-see cars."

Also available on the app is show specific details, such as hours, directions and ticket prices. Users will also be able to access's finance calculator and other shopping tools.

"As shoppers are pushing for instant, on-the-go information, continues to be a leader in the mobile space, offering car shoppers a variety of mobile tools, like our new auto show app," Olsen added. "The auto show app is a great tool to help shoppers see the most important cars at an auto show while researching for their upcoming purchase. Once a decision has been made, shoppers can then use the App to search listings and find a local dealer."

Auto shows that are expected to be included on the app are in Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York: cities that have the largest auto shows in the country. The app will be available for iPhone and Android devices. It can be downloaded in Apple's App Store and Android's Google Play.

Honda recently announced that it's debuting a new Civic at the L.A. Auto Show, which started on November 29. The automaker is hoping to improve sales performances around the country with the addition to its lineup.