Subaru recently announced that it has sold its six millionth vehicle in the United States. According to the automaker, the milestone was reached when a 2013 XV Crosstrek was sold in Georgetown, Texas.

"Subaru has a rich heritage in the U.S. and we are excited to celebrate the six million vehicle milestone," said Thomas Doll, executive vice president and COO of Subaru of America. "Not only have we sold six million vehicles in the U.S., but we are selling them at a faster rate than ever. It took us 16 years to reach our first million, but at our current sales rate we will hit our next million in under three years."

Subaru is the only automaker in the United States to post five straight years of sales increases since 2008 and they just keep getting better. This year in October, Subaru has already broken its annual sales record which was set in 2011, and the automaker still has two months of selling left.

The automaker said that 2012 sales have surpassed the previous record of 266,989 vehicles set last year, adding that 2012 accounted for the fourth consecutive year of sales records.The record-setting year was driven by sales of the Subaru Impreza and the all-new XV Crosstrek.

"Subaru is celebrating yet another record," Doll said at the end of October. "Our brand is poised to exceed sales of 320,000 vehicles for 2012 and with a full year of sales for the XV Crosstrek and other new models on the way, we expect 2013 to be yet another record year for Subaru."

Doll added recently that Subaru has been selling cars in America for more than 40 years from the Subaru Brat which was featured in the 1970s to the latest Impreza released this year. He also added that the automaker is proud that 96 percent of Subaru vehicles built in the last 10 years are still on the road today.

Even with posting gains in the last five years and records the last four, Subaru was still not able to fend off being overtaken by Toyota, according to, the authority in new car pricing information, trends and forecasting.

Although TrueCar rated Toyota higher, Subaru still totes safety, as all of its models are currently featured on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's list of Top Safety Picks.

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