The auto industry has rebounded from one of the worst collapses in American history, with more new cars being sold and buyers in a more comfortable financial position to make a new car purchase. While having a car can be beneficial, Americans should also make sure they keep their vehicles well-maintained to prevent any costly repairs when mechanics can take advantage of motorists.

Considering many mechanics are more knowledgeable than the average auto owner who brings their car in for repairs, motorists should make sure they are aware of all tactics that repairmen use to drive up the price for auto owners. Motorists should also keep in mind suggestions that were recently given by auto experts.

Since nothing in life is free, motorists should apply the same principle to car repairs when a repair shop says it's offering a free inspection. Once you bring your vehicle in for a repair, some mechanics will find a reason to get money, such as telling motorists that they need to have specific part repaired or their vehicle would fall apart. To prevent this from happening, motorists should always make sure that they take their vehicle to another mechanic for a second opinion.

Motorists should also make sure they aren't pressured into making a decision by a mechanic. Repairmen have been known to give a costly estimate and ask when the motorist wants to pick up their car, which is one of the tactics that can pressure motorists into approving the repair without having to make a decision about the future of the vehicle.

A written estimate should also be requested every time there is a repair that needs to be done. Mechanics can often give a verbal estimate without any proof or authentication. Even if the mechanic did the repair, you wouldn't have any proof of it. Requesting a written estimate could also make it easier for another mechanic to top the price with a second opinion.

If a car repair is completely necessary, possibly requiring parts to be replaced, motorists should request the old part back in order to prevent the mechanic from using it on another vehicle that is brought in for repairs, which could compromise the performance of that car.

Automakers devote billions of dollars to retain their current customers, which is why vehicles are redesigned often. An IBM survey suggested that automakers should work harder to ensure the current owner of their vehicle remains satisfied with their purchase because 47 percent of potential buyers rely on family and friends' recommendations.