A fight between Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon ensued after the most recent race in the Chase to Sprint Cup on November 11 at Phoenix International Speedway. Officials are currently in consideration on suspending the two racers, as there is only one race remaining in the season.

The performance began when Bowyer made contact with Gordon's car with seven laps left in the race. Gordon's car was damaged and black-flagged, meaning the race was over for him and he should drive off. Gordon had other plans though and would seek revenge on Bowyer, waiting for him to come back around on the track.

As Bowyer came back around, Gordon drove down the track to block him off. In doing so he crashed his own car, Bowyer's car and Joey Logano's car. 

Bowyer later said that its pretty embarrassing a four-time champion would act that way.

"Cowardly, chicken, unbelievable that a champion, a guy that's raced for championships would get involved in a fight for a championship," Michael Waltrip, co-owner of Bowyer's No. 15 Toyota, told Fox News. "Clint didn't do anything wrong. They rubbed on the back straightaway. I guess if that constitutes slowing down and purposely waiting for a guy trying to win a championship, then how am I supposed to know what's to be expected around here."

Gordon added after all was said and done that Bowyer crashing him and other frustrations from earlier this season, referring to when Bowyer crashed Gordon's Teammate Jimmie Johnson at Martinsville earlier in year, caused him to do what he did.

Bowyer does a mad dash
After Gordon intentionally crashing his car, members of Bowyer's pit crew confronted and began getting physical with members of Gordon's crew. Individuals on both sides were pushed to the ground, with dozens of individuals brawling. Bowyer was then seen doing a mad dash across the track toward Gordon's trailer where police and other personnel began breaking up the incident.

Michael Waltrip Racing, Bowyer's team issued the following statements on November 12.

"The goal of Michael Waltrip Racing is to be a championship-level organization both on and off the track," the statement read. "The on-track incident which occurred during Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Phoenix International Raceway was extremely disappointing and brought raw emotions of a long and hard championship battle to the surface. Though we generally cannot control certain actions on the track, the unfortunate reactions off the track Sunday did not live up to the professional standards in which Michael Waltrip Racing expects all of its representatives to live by."