With many Americans hitting the road for Thanksgiving weekend, the Car Care Council is urging motorists to have their vehicles inspected, adding "a 10-minute pre-trip check is small potatoes compared to a big helping of inconvenience if you break down many miles away from home."

"A pre-trip vehicle check provides peace of mind, helping reduce the chance of costly car trouble and providing an opportunity to have any repairs performed by one's own trusted technician before hitting the road," said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. "While no inspection can guarantee a car's performance, it's comforting to know proper precautions were taken to ensure a stress-free Thanksgiving road trip."

Motorists are encouraged to head to a local body shop instead of an expensive dealership to have fluids, belts & hoses, lighting and windshield wipers checked before heading down the highway for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. In addition, car owners should make sure their emergency kit is fully stocked in the unlikely event of an emergency on the road.

Auto owners should reference their car owner's manual for all information pertaining to service times, sizes of windshield wiper blades and type of fluids the car requires. Not only will keeping up on this maintenance save money down the road, but it will preserve the life of a vehicle.