Forbes recently warned potential car buyers to pay extra attention when purchasing a vehicle, as many damaged or flooded cars from Hurricane Sandy will be cleaned up and resold.

Forbes is encouraging car buyers to utilize, owned by a reputable company within the auto industry, that provides a thorough inspection a car, similar to the one given to vehicles after being returned from a lease. A reputable mechanic will identify problems with the car that need fixing.

Carfax recently issued a report that estimates the amount of cars flooded or damaged by Hurricane Sandy has exceeded the amount of cars flooded or damaged by Hurricane Katrina. While Katrina caused more than $25 billion in damage, accounting for the most costly disaster in U.S. history, if Carfax's estimations are correct, Sandy would have destroyed more vehicles than any other single event in the nation's history.

Larry Gamache, Carfax communications director said that the company already receives information about flood damaged vehicles from every state affected by Hurricane Sandy, adding that information about flood damage is reported to Carfax directly from every state Department of Motor Vehicles, insurance companies, law enforcement organizations and repair facilities.

Those affected by Sandy or anyone bearing witness to the widespread damage should consider having automobiles fixed or tuned up. Heading to local auto body shop can save money on brakes and engine checks.