NASCAR has been looking for more exciting performance lately in order to increase its fan base and viewership. The motorsport got exactly what it asked for recently, as Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski provided a heated finish at the Texas Motor Speedway.

The two drivers slammed their doors against each other late in the race as they fought for the first place position, but both made it to the finish line without wrecking their vehicles, with Johnson finishing in first place and Keselowski in second.

According to SportingNews, NASCAR needs similar races like this one in the future, providing fans with a dramatic finish and a reason to continue watching. The race started with 100 consecutive green-flag laps that were uneventful and might've caused some fans to turn the channel, but those who watched to the end were awarded with a photo finish.

During the race, Johnson was obviously angry because he thought Keselowski had jumped a restart. Johnson chased Keselowski down because he believed he was putting them both at risk of wrecking their cars. Once Johnson caught up with Keselowski, he pointed his finger at the driver to warn him.

“I was a little shocked by the commitment into Turn 1,” Johnson said of the contact and close racing with Keselowski. “I've joked before about driving in far enough to where I see Elvis. And we went past Elvis.”

The tires that were used during this race also played a major part in the deciding victory. Some of the drivers had tire problems, proving that tires that are more dependable when it comes to wear should be used by all drivers.

Keselowski said after the race that he was just trying to win the race and not cause any accidents from occurring.

"I raced hard, and I'm sure someone would say dirty," said Keselowski, who experienced a problem early in the race in the pit but got back in front by only taking two tires on one of the last stops. "Anytime you run close to certain guys you're racing them dirty according to some people. But I raced hard, and we both came back around, so there's something to be said for that."

The duel between Keselowski and Jimmie Johnson is expected to continue, as the two racers have two races remaining in the Chase for the Sprint Cup.