Car owners are encouraged to read their vehicle's owners manual for how to maintain the car. All the necessary information is provided in the manual, including proper maintenance times, sizes of windshield wiper blades and the type of fuel the car takes, all to extend the life of a vehicle.

Many auto repairs are often overpriced, especially depending on where the service is done. Car owners are encouraged to visit local auto body shops, as they are usually less expensive than heading to a new car dealer.

Oil change prices might be skewed. Most auto body shops do not make much money on an oil change, so the idea is to get a car owner into the shop and offer other profitable services, including changing the air filter, changing the transmission fluid or a variety of other services. A service like an air filter change can be easily done at home, but other maintenance requires the help of a certified technician. Local shops are the way to go, just make sure you are not paying for more than you need.

A tune up is another example of how price can run away from some car owners. Different auto service companies include different repair tune up packages. Something like a spark plug change might not be needed in your car, so be sure to review what exactly a tune up entails. If a car seems to be having problems, its a good idea to ask for an evaluation and estimate on costs, before simply asking for a tune up.

Some service centers will top off fluids for free, especially if you paid for other services while in the shop. This is one thing that car owners do not need to pay a service shop for. Topping of windshield wiper fluid will only cost someone a couple dollars if they purchase it and put it in themselves. Heading to a shop for the service can easily cost twice as much.

A brake check is another way auto centers will attempt to get extra money out of you for additional services. If a car owner was just having the pad of their brakes changed and the technician says additional services might be needed, you can always go elsewhere for a second opinion.

This is why it is important to know a car's manual inside and out. It can make all the difference when needing repairs. If a car owner follows the preventative maintenance guideline suggested in their manual they will not only save time and hassle, but avoid costly repairs to their car down the road.