Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in partnership with State Farm, is distributing a new tool to help relieve the peer pressure involved with underage drinking.

As a part of MADD's Power of You(th) program and in coordination with Red Ribbon Week, the organization will be traveling to schools across the country to distribute the booklet titled The 411 on Teen Drinking to help reduce underage drinking amongst teenagers.

The booklet includes information on the effects of alcohol on a developing brain, consequences to underage drinking, dangers of drunk driving, how to talk to parents about underage drinking, how to make smart decisions and how to stand up to peers when it comes to drinking.

"When it comes to underage drinking, teens may feel like 'everyone is doing it,' but the truth is that only one out of five teens binge drinks - which means four out of five don't," said Jan Withers, MADD national president . "MADD and State Farm have teamed up to empower teens to avoid underage drinking during Red Ribbon Week and year-round with research-based tools like the Power of You(th) teen booklet."

MADD is also hosting the second Power of You(th) National Teen Video Contest that encourages teenagers to show their power against underage drinking with a video submission. Entries for the contest are open through December 28, 2012, and the first prize for the contest is the newest iPad.

"Both the teen booklet and the video contest were literally shaped by youth for youth," said Kellie Clapper, assistant vice president of public affairs for State Farm. "State Farm is thrilled to partner with MADD on the Power of You(th) program to help keep our teens safe from the dangers of underage drinking."

MADD is also providing parents with The Power of Parents handbook during Red Ribbon Week to encourage them to talk to their kids about underage drinking. In addition MADD is offering 30-minute parent workshops to equip them with tools on familial conversations about the dangers of underage drinking.

Children have a higher chance of being fatally injured by a car on Halloween when compared to any other day.

In addition to heeding MADD's word and driving with care on Halloween, drivers should also have their lighting & electrical systems checked by a local auto body shop, to ensure they're car is equipped to navigate around trick or treaters.