The way in which we communicate inside our cars is changing, especially with Apple's Siri debuting in BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Honda and Chrysler vehicles over the next year, but the way in which service centers are getting in touch is also changing.

A recent report showed how drivers want their auto service to contact them, indicating variations between different age groups. A study by DMEautomotive showed that while consumers were generally receptive to various communications platforms, those under 35 were especially receptive.

The results indicated that younger motorists not only wanted more frequent communications, but they also wanted communication across all six possible platforms, with 59 percent of them wanting mobile application communication.

Doug Van Sach, vice president of strategy & analytics at DMEautomotive said that while multi-platform marketing was gaining popularity within the industry, the data now shows that this type of communication is crucial for auto service centers, especially those looking to reach younger customers.

The data showed that drivers 35 and under were two and half times more open to mobile app notifications and twice as likely to want text messages from their service centers when compared to those over 35 years old.

Individuals without a problem to their vehicles should still consider a service visit. Preventative maintenance, especially to brakes and an engine, is the best way to avoid costly repairs later down the road.